How to Throw Like a Pro

Secrets of high-level ultimate players to improve your distance, accuracy and effictiveness throwing a frisbee disc revealed!

Are you tired of trying to learn how to throw a frisbee by watching YouTube videos of people just showing off their throws? Have you had it with tutorials that try to explain the details of throwing technique with TEXT!? Are you fed up with people trying to explain their throws, without actually telling you the all-important details?

Do you want to become a top-level ultimate player? Do you want your teammates to rely on you to solve things when the flow comes to a grinding halt? Are you looking to finetune those hucks that you've been practising for over a year?

Then let me tell you how to achieve all of this and more...

"If you want to be a great cutter, you HAVE to be a great thrower"

When I started out as an ultimate frisbee player I couldn't much throw a disc. I had all the bad habits you can think of... My arm swung like a monkey's arm... a leftover from my tennis playing days. My throws wouldn't go further than 10 meters because the discs I threw had never even heard of spin! Basically, my entire technique had been learned in exactly the wrong way.

Sure I could make a cut and get open. I am not the fastest on the field, but I can read a disc and jump high. But once my defender knew I couldn't throw a disc on target over 5 yards if my life depended on it, they would just keep me from scoring and let me get the disc; I was screwed! If you want to be a great cutter, you HAVE to be a great thrower!

Like many other beginning ultimate frisbee players I tried to find resources on the internet. I searched for everything related to throwing a frisbee: from YouTube videos, to books, to DVDs. And I actually tried them all... But every single one of them was horrible! The videos on YouTube don't actually explain anything, they just make the people in them look good! And how on earth can you learn how to throw from a book? Some of those books don't even have pictures!

I needed something else and I needed it bad!

"I went from a beginner to a player on the national team in a single season"

Reggi Hensen Just when I thought I would never learn to throw like the high-level players, I met a guy who had been playing ultimate frisbee for over 25 years. And he knew just about everything there was to know about throwing. His name? Reggi. The best part? Not only does he know more than anyone else about ultimate frisbee throwing technique, he is also a teacher. Which means he can actually explain his knowledge!

Reggi gave me the subtle but extremely important pointers that I needed to improve my technique. How to step out properly, how to distribute the weight over my feet, how to move the disc backward, how to move it forward, how to grip the disc and much, much more. These tips were so easy to understand that my friends and I could actually take them and practice together, telling each other what was going right and wrong.

Jesse 'Pepper' Meijers With the help of Reggi I improved my throwing so much in a single season that I got asked to join the national team for the 6 nations cup in Switzerland! I had gone from being a beginning ultimate frisbee player to rookie on the national team in a single season!

Since then I have played many high level tournaments with both a club team and the national team, amongst which World Ultimate & Guts Championships 2008 in Vancouver, multiple 6 nations cups, European Club Championships 2009 in the UK, won the 8 nations cup 2009 in Spain, played World Ultimate Club Championships 2010 in Prague, European Championships 2011 in Slovenia, European Club Finals 2011 and World Ultimate & Guts Championships in 2012 in Sakai, Japan.

Now let me explain to you how you can do the same!

"When you use the techniques we show you, your throws will improve within days!"

Of course you are wondering how all of this is going to help you. You don't have Reggi or me at your disposal to give you these tips one on one...

That is why Reggi and me have decided to create a unique program that shows you exactly how to throw every throw that you will need to play high level ultimate frisbee! And we don't just show you a video of the throw... we actually explain all the steps you need to focus on, in extreme detail!

When you use the techniques we show you, your throws will improve within days!

Don't just take our word for it, here's what others say!

This program is used by ultimate frisbee players world wide to improve their throwing skills. We have happy customers in the U.S.A, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Brunei and many, many other countries across the globe.

Not only that, we have top-level coaches and players who advocate How to Throw like a Pro:

Ted Munter, Team Ironside (U.S.A) coach says:

Ted Munter "The fundamental action of any sport is always easy to do and impossible to master. Everyone can swing a golf club, hit a tennis ball with a racket, or throw a frisbee. But to score a few birdies, hit a shot down the line, or play high level ultimate frisbee requires the right technique and lots of practice. Here, finally, is a program that breaks down all the elements of throwing and gives examples of what you should be thinking about and working on. The quality is excellent and a great instructional resource for those who want to learn and improve the most important element of our game..."

Padraigh McMorrow, Team Ireland player says:

Padraigh McMorrow "This revolutionary guide will benefit every ultimate frisbee player. The time and effort gone into breaking down every throw has provided indispensable information, unavailable before this. Reggi and Jesse have developed a resource that presents the information in concise, crisp, multi-angled video guides. Learning, improving and perfecting your ultimate throws is now in your own hands..."

Jacques-Olivier Laloë, Team Nuts trainer says:

Jacques-Olivier Laloë "As the trainer of a student Ultimate team in the Netherlands, I am always faced with enthusiastic new players asking me the trickiest questions on how to improve their throws. Now, thanks to the How to Throw Like a Pro resources, I know I will never run out of answers and tips to give. It covers all of the basic and advanced throws in an ultra-clear and rigorous manner, and provides excellent advice from top players on how to throw the perfect disc, from the push pass to the huck. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced ultimate frisbee player, How to Throw Like a Pro is more than worth buying!"

"Watch the FREE footage of the forehand throw (there's over 15 more clips like this one on the program!!)"

And that is only one of the clips. You are getting a whopping 18 clips in this program:

  • Flat
  • Inside-out
  • Low release
  • Outside
  • Huck
  • High release
  • Flat
  • Inside-out
  • Low release
  • Outside
  • Huck
  • Push pass
  • Hammer
  • Scoober
Other footage
  • Forehand grip
  • Backhand grip
  • Counter weight / balance
  • 80/20 Grip switch

Imagine showing your friends the perfect execution of all those ultimate frisbee throws! It is all possible, with How to Throw Like a Pro!